Walking with Elephants Review!

Firstly, i want to thank sliver dagger book tours for allowing me to review this book. I applogise to them as my review is really late! I am sorry about that. Please find below a review and my thoughts on the novel.


I felt it started off really slowly and continued at that pace. However, that is only my personal opinion. I like that it had lots of dialog in the story as for us readers it gives us more feelings of what the characters are feeling and the emotions at that time.

I love endings in books and a reason why i gave it 3 stars was because i did not like the ending of this book it provided the answers to questions i had but it didnt leave me shocked or wanting more! I like books that do that.

However, i loved the romance in this story it was well placed in the story and i really enjoyed it through out the book. I would still recommend this book to people as i enjoyed it still.

Thank you to Sliver Dagger Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to review this book.


New Beginnings By Johanna Nield

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Natasha Arden loves music, food, sex, clothes (not necessarily in that order….) and her boss.

Unable to tell anyone because he’s married, she pours her heart out in the only way she knows how: a private blog.

Her feelings are tested when Jamie is suddenly widowed, and their relationship flips dramatically as he starts to lean on her for support.

Once foot-loose and fancy-free, Tasha is now frantically striving to navigate a minefield of moral dilemmas and social taboos. Follow her story as she endeavours to understand grief, love, loss and most importantly: her choices.


This book was set out in a blog format which allowed for us to get the perspective from the main character Tasha. I liked the format as it is different style to read than I normally do.  The issues addressed in the book was good and it dealt with how grief can affect people differently. So, I really enjoyed that.  

I really liked the relationship that growed throughout the story and felt that it didn’t feel rushed like some authors do. I liked the little bits of dialog that was shown through the blog style as, then it still gave some perspective and interaction from the other characters.

The only thing that stopped me giving 5 stars was the beginning was a bit slow to get me hooked in to it. Also, the ending didn’t leave me shocked or surprised and I like that in a book but that is just my personal preference.

I would recommend this book it is a good book that I enjoyed reading.

Writing Update!

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Hi, everyone i am posting below a chapter from a novel i am working on. I would love critical feedback! That is how we all improve 🙂

All I see is her face every night, every day and every dream.  My little sister eyes when I told her the news of the selection. That day was a blur, everything happening all so quick I couldn’t even take her with me away from him.

My arrival was quick the plane landed on the Sky people’s ground. The ground here was different, it had sparkle in it like glass. I turned around to look at my new surroundings. All I could see was glass, I didn’t understand. As I turned back around a figure was moving.  It was a woman walking towards me in her black suit, as she got closer, I noticed her eyes were an unusual purple.

“Welcome to your future here at SkyMore.” she smiled.

“Erm…. thanks, I guess.” I shrugged.

“Now, if you would like to follow me, I will show you where you will be staying.” She started walking away.

I followed her as this was my new life, without my sister, it hurt my heart.

“I hope you like it here, we do our best to try and get you settled. My name is Delilah”

She opened the car door for me to get in. This is all so surreal I thought. The air smelt different here more of a fresh scent rather than a dirty smell.

I watched from the windows until we reached one of the shiny buildings, it went up forever.

“Most new comers have the same expression when they reach SkyMore” Smiling at me.

“It is a lot to take in seeing myself in all this glass” I smiled.

“Follow me please”

The entrance was so grand, it was like stepping into a movie. There was even a check in desk like the movies! I followed her into the main hall where there were three others waiting there. I glanced in their direction, two boys and one girl, all looking at me with their piercing eyes. Suddenly, we stopped that’s when I realised, we had reached them.

“Joseph, this is Adam, Bridget and Callum. You will be this year’s students to join our society. The rules are simple:

  1. No access is permitted below level one
  2. No going outside after ten pm
  3. Everyone in their rooms by eleven pm
  4. No questions about your families

If we all manage them, we will get along fine.” She smiled.

The girl raised her hand. We all turned to look at her.

“Yes, Bridget” Delilah annoyance showed on her face.

“Can we not even contact family?” She squeaked out in fear.

“No, I am afraid people her will become your new family. Now, time to see your rooms.”

The stair case was even bigger than the entrance! Must have been over thirteen levels. Not one of us talked much on the way to our rooms. But then again, we were four strangers placed in a weird new society. We reached level seven, there were ten doors all which had names across them. We reached the first stop, Bridget was first to discover what lay behind the door. Then followed Adam and Callum. The slow walk to the last door at the end of the corridor had my name on it.

“This will be your room. If you have any questions my office is based on level three.” She smiled and placed the key in my hand. I waited until she left, then I placed the key in and turned the handle to discover what lay beyond.

Thanks for reading i appreciate it 🙂

SummerLand by Lucy Adlington

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This is a YA novel that was inspired by true events from war.  At first it intrigued me as it wasn’t something I normally read about. So, I was lucky to receive this copy from Reader First. It follows the journey of Brigitta of love, friendship and family.

The first few chapters did hook me into the story the plot did get going straight away from there.  The chapters all have food items as their names which was weird at first but then I thought it brought humour to a serious written about topic. Also, the food in the chapter was written about in each one which was cool.

The characters were well developed in the novel and all had good interactions throughout. I loved the music element in the novel it brought more live to the book as well as focusing on the struggles Brigitta faced. The book sets first person perspective which I like as it made it more personal to the character.

I love a good ending! This book did not disappoint it was a twist I didn’t figure out or expect! I think it was definitely a highlight of the novel for me.

Overall, I would recommend this book as it is a more excitable way to read about war times and the story is so touching. That twist at the end too!

Thanks for reading!


Through Her Eyes by Sophie Fahy

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Life is not always black and white, sometimes,  it’s a thousand shades of grey. Seventeen year old , beloved Alyssa Darlington has always been a party girl: quick-witted, fierce and very smart; with a strong future ahead of her. But after surviving a brutal attack at her best friend’s end of summer house party, the only thing that seems fitting is revenge. And when this becomes her twisted reality, it’s easy for the shadows to take over. After something so traumatic, Alyssa struggles to stay at the top of the social ladder- climbing to the top is hard- trying to stay there while, newly, partially blind, is even harder. There’s a weight upon her shoulders. Quietly searching for answers, Alyssa unlocks memories and reveals secrets that should have been buried. Three suspects. One love. A whole lot of family drama.


Firstly, I want to say a thank you to Sophie Fahy for allowing me the privilege to read a copy of her novel. This book is a YA contemporary mystery. It delivered all the aspects from each of the genres throughout the book. Her novel is released on 28th August! Go check it out 😊

Absolutely loved this book! It had so much drama, suspense and mystery. It starts of as a YA novel as the main character Alyssa is shown at her best friend’s summer party. The plot really gets going straight away which I really liked.  The novel focuses on the perspective of Alyssa throughout and the challenges she is faced with. The mystery of the attack is well set throughout the book as new secrets are found through each chapter. All the characters had good interactions and developments throughout. The book deals with being partially blind which I thought was great. I also, have not read many books on being partially or fully blind so, I enjoyed the perspective the author perceived.

As a reader the ending is always the best part and I sometimes do get disappointed. However, this ending was amazing I did not expect it or see it coming! It was that good I have gone back to read the last chapter twice already haha. 

Fav Quotes-

“The boy you love.

The boy you hate,

The boy who thinks your invisible”

 I love the use of the repetition here it is really effective.

“My mind is like a blank sheet of paper: white and clear all over.”

Again, I love the effect it has, and it really showed the feelings of Alyssa at the time.

Overall, this book did not have anything bad about it in my view. I loved it! The end was just WOW.

Hope to read more of your novels to come Sophie Fahy 😊

Thanks for reading guys!


The Rest of the story by Sarah Dessen

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Hi, hope you enjoy my recent review 🙂

Synopsis – Emma Saylor doesn’t remember a lot about her mother, who died when Emma was twelve. But she does remember her mum’s stories about the big lake.

Now it’s just Emma and her dad until Emma Is sent to spend the summer with her mother’s family, who she hasn’t seen for years. When Emma arrives, she realises her mother grew up in working class North Lake, while her dad spent summers in the wealthier Lake North resort. The more time Emma spends there, the more it feels like she is divided into two people. To her father, she is Emma. To her new family, she is Saylor, the name her mother called her.

Then there’s Roo, the boy who was her best friend when she was little. Roo holds the key to her family’s history, and slowly he helps her put the pieces together about her past.

For Emma Saylor, it’s like a whole new world is opening up. But when it’s time to go back home, which side of her- Emma or Saylor? – will win out?


I loved this book! I even think is has become my number one novel by Sarah Dessen. That girl can write a good YA book. It had love, drama and friendship. Emma Saylor is a seventeen-year-old who finds her self-identity when she visits her mother’s family.  The plot got going straight away which I love in a good book.

Good Points-

All the characters I liked and the interaction between them all. I wanted to scream into the book when Emma Saylor dad was being overprotective haha. It flowed really well, and the drama was built good. I have to have good endings in books, and this didn’t disappoint it was a really sweet end to a fab book.

The following of Emma Saylor finding more about her mother was really interesting and as a reader I felt I was a part of the journey which I really liked 😊

Bad points-

No bad points for me! Just how quick can Sarah Dessen do a new Novel haha.

Overall, I would recommend reading this book it has become my new fav Sarah Dessen book and it is an easy read which is enjoyable.

PS. Saylor name win for me 😊

Thanks for Reading


The Kingdom By Jess Rothenberg Review!

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Hi Readers another book review. I am staying active as possible due to life getting in the way 🙂

Synopsis –

Welcome to the kingdom, a dazzling fantasy theme park where? “happily, ever after” is not just promised, but a rule… Seven beautiful Fantasists- half human, half- android princess- are programmed to make wishes come true, no matter what. But when Fantasists Ana meets theme park worker Owen, her fairytale ends in blood. Now she’s on trial for experiecning human emotions beyond her programming and must come face to face with what she is, and what she’s done.


Good Points-

This book made we want to carry on to each chapter to see what had happened. The twists and turns made this book come alive! The style was different to what I was expecting as one chapter would be the months before the trial then it wold got to an interview style in court. So, the style wouldn’t be for everyone, but I loved it. The character (Ana) development of the human emotions was displaying more the further into the novel. I enjoyed her scenes with Owen as the chemistry between them was clear.  The main reason I gave this book 5* is because of the , plot, characters, style it was written in.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this book to anyone! It hooked me and I really enjoyed it 😊

Thanks for Reading

x Vick x