Cover Reveal ! The Celestial Assignment

Theresa Braun has a new short story coming out called, The Celestial Assignment. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover, and an excerpt from the book!

Cover Reveal: The Celestial Assignment by Theresa Braun

Expected Publication Date: February 14th, 2020

Genre: Short Story/ Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal

After a sudden death, Will, a misguided angel, is tasked with protecting a baby girl. Watching over her as she grows up and navigates the world appears a harsh punishment for his past failings. Can he redeem himself, or will he fall further from grace?

“I devoured this phenomenal sorrow-filled piece in one sitting, but Braun left me with so many questions I had to think about. She creates a world that’s vivid, lush and visceral, while setting the reader up for heartbreak and despair. Amazing read, can’t recommend ‘The Celestial Assignment’ enough.” –Steve Stred, author of Ritual


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You know that meme of the angel statue, its face in its hands, with the caption: “This is probably what my guardian angel looks like”? Well, that’s the only thing on the wall in this stark room meant for some 12-step spiritual garbage.

            I was mystified as fuck the first time I sat here. The last thing I’d remembered was having a beer with one of my side pieces before witnessing her chuck my body into an unmarked grave. The bitch walked right through me as I grilled her about what she’d done.

            Next thing I know, I transported into this very chair. Looking around the circle, I noted everyone’s arms tattooed with wings in shades matching their clothing.

            “What am I doing here?” I asked, studying the new gray markings growing iridescent on my skin.

            “You’re getting a new assignment,” said someone with platinum hair. His wings were the real deal, tucked at his back, and he wore a white T-shirt and white jeans.

            “As opposed to what?”

            “Going back to earth. That hasn’t been working.” He stared at me with his unnaturally light blue eyes. “Don’t worry, there’s a manual under your seat.”

            That’s when I zoned out. The rest of them yammered on as I frantically retraced my memory for clues to why I was here. What kind of demented lunatic would make me an angel, if that’s what I was? I hadn’t even stepped one foot in a church, at least in my most recent life. That’s when it hit me I’d had more than one incarnation on earth. The mere vocabulary of it made me shiver.


            With a jolt, my feet landed on slick linoleum, the burning odor of disinfectant and stale medicine in the air. A woman screamed in a hospital bed, her legs pried open with a sheet over them. Ugh. I’d never liked babies and had zero fatherly instincts. As the infant cried and was handed to the mother, the dad busy snapping Polaroids, I heard a whisper: “She’s your responsibility now.”

            As my questions flooded in, that damned manual appeared in my hand. Annoyed the heavenly head honchos hadn’t downloaded the content into my brain, I held onto it, lest I be struck by lightning.

            “Hello, Celeste,” the mother cooed to the baby.

            I tapped my foot.

            The irony of the name irked the shit out of me.

            As a reluctant guardian angel, I figured my job involved keeping this pipsqueak’s hand off the hot stove, and her mouth away from poisons in the cabinets. Most of the time, I yawned in the periphery, especially since I was trapped in this fucking hick town somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin. Countless Crayon doodles and finger paintings were the extent of my excitement. Eventually, I rejoiced when of a few close calls at the wheel of her parents’ car gave me something to do. But then there was her painfully awkward discovery of boys. Once she inadvertently brushed this dude’s junk at a dance. Her first kiss was lame as shit. It was like being tuned into the Nickelodeon Channel. Her interactions with a new boy made me gag—they’d finish each other’s sentences and giggle like idiots. What did I do to deserve this?

The Red Ribbon

Hi 👋 readers and writers, I have a review for The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington. Check it out!

Four of us: Rose, Ella, Marta and Carla.

In another life, we might have been friends together.

But this was Birchwood…. Auschwitz- Birkenau.

As fourteen year old Ella begins her first day working in the prison camp, she steps into a world of silks and seams, lace, buttons and ribbons. Ella is a dressmaker, but this is no ordinary sewing workshop. Hers are no ordinary clients.

Every dress she makes could mean the difference between life and death…. this room, this place, is all about survival.

Now if that hasn’t hooked you into checking this book out read my review below!

The cover is beautiful.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars!

This book surprised me at how much I loved it! The beginning wasn’t slow it got straight into the plot. It is properly why I gave it 5 stars as normally I find books to be a bit of a flow start.

I loved all the characters you could attach to each one of them. The relationship between Ella and Rose was really heart warming. I am glad I got the chance to join their journeys in the book.

The style of the writing I love! Also, I love that Lucy uses different titles for her chapters. In this book we see colours used.

Now, I love it when you come to that part of the story when the title makes sense! It didn’t disappoint and I won’t say too much as it will spoil the book.

Endings are alway a love or hate relationship. This ending I loved! It was a beautiful way to end such a great novel.

I can’t think of anything bad to say about the book so this is why I gave it 5 stars. Go check it out !

Thanks for reading.

X Vick X

The Weighing of the Heart

It’s my stop on this book tour! Thank you to R&R book tours and the author Paul Tudor Owen!

‘Sooner or later, everybody comes to New York…’

Following a sudden break up, Englishman in New York Nick Braeburn takes a room with the elderly Peacock sisters in their lavish Upper East Side apartment, and finds himself increasingly drawn to their priceless piece of Egyptian art on their study wall- and to Lydia, the beautiful Portuguese artist who lives on the roof garden.

But as Nick draws Lydia into a crime he hopes will bring them together, they both begin to unravel, and each finds that the other is not quite who they seem.

4 * – Amazing read!

This book really surprised me! (In a good way!) I couldn’t stop reading 📖 it after each chapter. I really liked the characters in this book.

It is well written and I like the writing style the author has used throughout the novel. I loved the cover of this book too it is so simply but effective!

It was a nice change to read from the male perspective in a romance book. As normally it is the female view point. I think this is a reason I enjoyed it so much!

Now the things I didn’t love was the ending. I am really picky on endings and it just didn’t do it for me. Though it ended nicely I just thought it’s ended that’s it. I also, felt the opening could of got going a bit more quickly too.

Overall, I really loved this book more than what i thought I would! I would recommend this to others to read!


Hi fellow readers and writers! This is a new poem I am working on at the moment. Hope you enjoy:)

We all start small,

Waiting for something big!

But we all have to dig,

To start the journey of life.


A seed so small grows and grows until ….

It blossoms to take its place in life.

But not all survive the knife!


It wouldn’t be called life without death.

We all enter the world so small yet ….

Some get years well ….

Others get days!

Even life gets chosen.


Big, Bright, Beautiful,


Cherish the growth!

Do something big!

But don’t forget there is always darkness in light.

And most of all love BIG!


Thank you all for reading my work. I really appreciate it! Let me know your thoughts and if you have any improvements for me! I am also trying to post every week this year:)

X Vick X

New Year Goals!

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Hi fellow readers and writers out there. A late Happy New Year! I hope 2020 is treating you well so far. I am going to discuss my favourite readers and least favourite from 2019. Also, my new goals for 2020!

Least Favourite 2019

Least Favourite of 2019

It has to be Wakenhryst by Michelle Paver. This is not to say the novel is bad! It is just my personal opinion. I really couldn’t get into this book and i had to force myself to finish the book. I felt this was a book out of my usual go to genre which could be one reason i didn’t like it. But we all have different tastes so don’t be put off by my view!

My Favourites of 2019

Image result for the summer of impossible things

This book really surprised me and i think it is why it became one of my favourite reads last year. I mean there is time travel! who isn’t sucked in at that? haha I won’t write too much about it as i have a little review of it in my blog posts if you want to check out more about this novel!

Image result for summerland by lucy

Another Favourite of mine is SummerLand it had such good twists in it ! i couldn’t put it down either. Endings are always a fav part of reading a good book and this novel didn’t disappoint me! (My review is also in my blog posts:)

New Goals

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I have set myself a few goals this year which are

  • Start Exercising more! – This is a goal to maintain for myself to keep my health in good shape
  • Eat more Fruit and Vegetables- Again this is for my fitness and health goals
  • Read 50 books this year! – I have read one this year so far, it is going strong
  • Finish of writing my book- i have 3 stories on the go i am writing. i hope to finish one this year!
  • Finally Learn to play the Violin- I am super excited for this one! i love Violins and i hope to keep focused and determined to give playing the Violin justice.

So, thank you for reading my blog post today! I hope you all have a good 2020. Lets get reading and writing! 🙂

x Vick x

The Past

Hey, new bit of writing i am working on. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also, does contain sensitive issues in this work.

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The salty sea breeze hit Claire as she opened the door.  Stumbling along the path to greet her friend. She reached for the door handle and climbed in. “Hi Claire, how was your night?” Liz questioned. “Great, can’t wait to meet my mums new boyfriend tonight” she responded sarcastically.  “Oh, let me know how it goes.” Liz replied. Claire turned to the window, her eyes stared at the beach front as Liz drove her to their shop. She felt sad about arguing with her mother last night it just kept replaying in her mind. The car suddenly stopped, Liz was trying to get Claire’s attention. Liz was waving her arms in her face and shouting, “hello, earth to Claire we have a shop to run.” Claire became aware of her surroundings and was back in reality. She could smell the alcohol in the air from last nights people on the streets. “Sorry, just not with it today” she smiled. “Well, come on lets get the shop open for 9am.” She walked off to open the shutters. 

Let me take you back to my past, then you can understand my present self. It all started when I met him. It was a cold winter evening, my ginger hair redder than ever, my brother still at home and my mum was happy. I must have been sixteen maybe seventeen when that man entered my life.

I walked through the door, the first thing I noticed was the smell of cooking, my mum never cooked unless we had guests. I walked towards the kitchen. Then I saw his face for the first time. He was tall with blazing hazel eyes, he had brown short cut hair and he wore a suit. I could never forget that smile.  ” Hello love” her mum spoke. ” Hi… erm who is this?” i replied.  He moved towards me with a twinkle in his eye as he grabbed my hand and kissed it. “I am Henry, a friend of your mothers.” he smiled. Claire thought ‘friends’ my mother can’t even get a boyfriend. “He will be here a few times a week love.”  “Ok.” I moved out the kitchen towards the stairs and out the corner of my eye I saw him looking at me. I walked up the stairs and throw my bag on the floor. The walls were covered in nothing but white paint and a few photos. The smell of cooking was floating in my room. 

It got weird very quickly after that first encounter with Henry. I mean what kind of name is Henry? He was there almost every night after meeting me. I thought nothing of it at the time, i was happy for my mum at trying a relationship again. The second time i saw him he started touching me. 

It was a Friday evening mum was cooking lamb dinner, she looked so happy in that moment. We all sat around the table mum across from me and Henry sat at the side of me. Just a normal family dinner until his hand started to wander my thigh. I froze at his touch. “So, how was your day at school love?” My mother asked. How would you respond when i man is fiddling with your thigh. “Erm…. fine we have to start writing short stories about  our lives” “How intriguing love” she responded. His hand just kept rubbing back and forth on my thigh. All i wanted was to move, to speak, to stop it! I couldn’t do that. Dinner ended, i quickly moved to my room grabbed a towel and ran for the shower. All i remember was my tears being drowned out through the noise of the shower. No one to talk to just me and my thoughts. 

I looked towards Liz she had opened the shop. I reached for the door handle and started walking towards the red door with sign Crazy Book Nerds Place. Its funny how events change your path you thought you had set for yourself. I opened the door books in every direction that is what i like to see. “I made you a coffee, it is on the counter” Liz shouted from the back. “Thank you! I love you so much” I shouted. I got the whiff of coffee as i reached for the mug and brought it to my mouth.” Liz emerged from the back door. “Hi, you look better already,” She smiled. “I feel better, thank you for bearing with me.” I smiled.  “What are friends for” she responded just as a young man with glasses entered the shop. He looked confused like he wasn’t meant to be there. “Can i help you?”  i asked. He jumped dropping papers he had in his hands  scattering all over the floor. I rushed over to help collect the papers up. We both reached for last one and our hands briefly touched sending shivers down my spine. All the papers collected, i give them back and he provide me with a small smile. “So, Is there anything i can help you with?” i asked. He stuttered “I…I work for delivery company.” “Oh, great is it just a signature you need?” I smiled up at him he turned his eyes towards the ground. “Ye…..sss” he responded. I signed the document and he quickly walked away. “Well, it is settled your scary!” Liz laughed. Claire moved towards her gave her a small smack on her arm. “I am not scary!” Liz couldn’t stop herself from laughing even more. 

The day went on not many visitors today. Liz and I locked up the shop and got in her car to drive home. “Do you fancy staying mine tonight” Liz spoke. I looked along the beach again, all the tourists sitting and waiting, sometimes i think i am waiting for time to rewrite its self or stop all of a sudden. ” I wish i could but i am meeting my mum’s new boyfriend.” i replied.  “oh shit! i forgot about that. Text me later babes.” she said. I got out the car and headed for the door. I felt sick, tearful and alone.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Let me know your thoughts of my work!

x Vick x

Til Human Voices Wake Us by C.S Johnson

Firstly thank to R&R Book tours and C.S Johnson for the copy to review on this tour.

Genre- Science Fantasy/Mermaids

Sometimes the difference between reality and insanity is only a matter of absurdity.

There is nothing wrong Milo Bishop fears more than the thought that he is going insane.

Having grown up hearing his Uncle’s Jay’s stories about strange mermaids Milo never had a reason to believe they were actually true. But when a near death experience gives Milo a verison of a mermaid calling to him for help, Milo is forced to test his uncle’s claims. And when he winds up in Rasulka, the mermaid community tucked away, deep under the southern California seas, the question of his uncle’s sanity is the least of his concerns.

I loved this book! It has mermiads involved which hooked me straight away! It was a bit of a slow starter for me as i felt the story could have hooked readers in more qucikly.

I liked the style of this book as it was easy to follow and read. The characters were all likeable which i liked and the relationship between Milo and Laura was so cute.

There is a pre sequel to this book which i felt provide more backstory to this novel. I really enjoyed getting to know where the story was heading. I also have to say how the mermaids are not portrayed as your typical friendly loveable creatures which i liked as most writers take that route.

Now the ending is always my favourite part of novels. This book provide a happy and satisfying end to the story. It is completed without a cliff hanger which makes wonder if there will be a follow on book to this one. I hope there is becuase i love mermaids and loved this story! Go check it out if you love mermaids!

Ps- Such a beautiful cover too!